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„The work involves the concurrence of circumstance. It wants to discover rules, that describe a vehicle and keep it on the track. It also wants to be a different kind of understanding, a mutual interference or even a interconnection of the senses. It´s seems to be a play with the intuitive understanding of fundamental connections between beings, events and forces, who constitute our world. Complex relationships are creating the potenial to reach out into another world.“

Jörg Staeger, Munich July 2011


Joerg Staeger lives and works as conceptional and video artist in Munich, Germany and Arroyo Hondo, USA. His work manifests itself, often in collaboration with other artists, in music theater projects, dance projects and other kind of performances as well as short films, space and video installations and experimental work with moving images.

1978 - 1986   

Stockholm (Sweden) - Berlin (Germany)

Studies of Graphic Design, Photography, Painting, Exhibition Architecture

1986 - 1993   

Stuttgart (Germany)                    

Project management for developing of a CAD Software System for a modular exhibtion space system


Munich (Germany)


in cooperation with Stefan Wimmer

Establishing a studio for 2D/3D motion graphics and animation, post production for video, film and broadcasting. He is still managing it today.


Munich (Germany)

Installing a studio space at Domagkateliers, Munich (Germany)


Designing and building studio house

Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, USA