September 07 - 14 / 2012



MILIEU - All I have is my Distance

Video-, Space- and Sound-Installation

5 channel HD video / 8 channel surround sound


MILIEU- All I have is my distance

In his recent installation „Milieu“, the German conceptual and video artist Jorg Staeger focuses on the philosophical dimension of the term “Milieu”.

In „1837, Zum Ritornell“, philosopher Gilles Deleuze and psychoanalyst Félix Guattari defined “Milieu” as a block of space and time formed through periodic repetition of these components.

The common interspace within the incessant oscillation between chaos and order became especially important to Staegers artistic approach:

“What belongs to me is first and foremost my distance. All I have is my distance.”  (Deleuze/Guattari)

The installation consists of a walk-in projection room with predetermined black and white graphic forms and structures generated by computer according to pre-programmed rules. Projected onto practically invisible (projection) screens, the patterns (images) are transformed into a walk-in sculpture made of light. The generating of images is controlled by the composition „Materie IV“ by German composer Markus Muench, consisting of rearranged  fragmented microtonal sounds recorded in the field.

The music molecularises the sound matter and can capture in this way inaudible forces such as the duration or intensity. Give time a sound.

This systemic Music is manipulating with their impulses the image modeling. In fact, it thus serves to influence the moving image sequences that visualize order and chaos and in turn melt together with the sounds of a experiencable principles. Additional stimuli are reduced to a minimum for widest possible deterritorialization.

An important element of the work is the observer, who becomes a part of the installation by passing through the spaces, influencing the penetration of the projections. The show opening on 7 September and the closing on 14 September will feature live music by Markus Muench accompanied by Jörg Staeger’s light projections.

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